Water circulation technology

Sophistication of wastewater treatment

In the field of wastewater treatment, we promote sophistication of wastewater treatment and the development of technologies to use wastewater resources effectively. This is based on the positive use of ceramic membrane filtration technology and ozone treatment technology, whose performance has been proven in the field of supply water treatment.

MBR(Membrane Bio-Reacto)

From the standpoint of environmental preservation, sophisticated treatments to remove nitride and phosphate are promoted.

We are committed to developing a standalone type of membrane separation active sludge treatment (MBR) system, which is a convenient system to modify and renew existing treatment facilities into sophisticated ones. This system can realize a water quality sufficient for recycling while conducting sophisticated treatment on wastewater in a space for an existing system.


To proceed with full-scale propagation of the membrane separation active sludge method (MBR) in the domestic arena and its development in overseas markets, MLIT is playing a key role in the promotion of "Advance of Japan Ultimate Membrane bioreactor technology Project (A-JUMP)." Within this framework, METAWATER has been engaged in demonstrating its highly effective and advanced approach using MBR in an actual facility.


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