Sensor technologies

Bromate ion sensor

One of the by-products of ozone treatment, bromate ion (BrO3-), is a carcinogen. The quality standard for supply water stipulates that bromate ions should be limited to 10 μg/L or less. However, because analysis of bromate ions is difficult due to a complicated measurement process, it has been hard to promptly reflect the measurement result in the ozone treatment process.

To address this challenge, METAWATER is engaged in a novel bromate ion sensor based on the measurement mechanism of fluorescent reaction. Our R&D is currently going on to realize a further reduction of bromate ions.

Bromate ion sensor


  • Automatic bromate ion measurement by using a fluorescent measurement method (patent application pending)
  • Simple and high-sensitivity measurement of bromate ion concentration is possible within 20 minutes.
  • Establishment of control system for optimum ozone dosing rate is possible for further decrease of bromate ions

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