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Rainfall measuring system

Local instances of torrential rain have been occurring often in recent years, causing serious risks to people's lives and urban functions. To reduce such damage, it is imperative to precisely measure the localized rainfall and distribute that information as sedimentation information (flood forecast information) on a real-time basis to the citizens, sewage administrators and the parties concerned with disaster prevention.

Rainfall measuring system

The "Rainfall measuring system" has been jointly developed with WILLCOM, Inc. It is comprised of a rainfall meter and transmission system installed in the PHS base stations owned by WILLCOM and a server established in the local governments to supply rainfall information. The rainfall data collected by the rainfall meter are transmitted from a data transmitter to an information server installed in local governments on a real-time basis via a PHS network.

Rainfall measuring system

  • From the network of 160,000 PHS base stations nationwide (in urban areas, there are base stations every few hundred meters), stations located in a place suitable for rainfall measurement are selected.
  • Because the power source and network of base stations are used, this system is affordable and can be deployed in a short period.
  • Data can be steadily transmitted on a real-time basis. Even if a disturbance occurs to any PHS base station, the area can be covered by other base stations. Because of this, the system is characterized by its operability in the event of any disaster such as an earthquake.

Pilot operation of this system was started in September 2009 in Fukui (Fukui Prefecture).
We have a plan to further develop and deploy this system nationwide so that we can offer rainfall information and flood forecast information as part of our services.

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