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METAWATER Gadget System

METAWATER Gadget System is a generic name for devices and software that support monitoring and maintenance services in the maintenance and management of water environments. METAWATER continues to develop and offer products and services to address customers' needs in this area.

The goal of METAWATER in developing this system is as below:

  • Improvement of maintainability: Access to detailed information related to component spare parts and consumables
  • Improvement of reliability: Failure detection and access to analysis information
  • Improvement of functionality: High-value-added components, guidance

This system makes it possible to improve the efficiency and quality of maintenance and management without impacting the existing monitoring and control systems. This benefit is made possible by collecting various maintenance and management-specific data via a special route different from those used by a monitoring and control system. Further, by allowing this system to process the servicing data related to maintenance and management, the workload of the conventional monitoring and control system is alleviated and it is possible to ensure the maximum function and performance of the monitoring and control system.

METAWATER is engaged in developments in the water treatment industry by making effective use of conventional equipment and technologies, while always working to create innovative technologies.

System configuration

METAWATER Gadget System

GSA(Gadget Service Adapter)



To realize collection, storage and abnormality detection of field data at an affordable cost in this system, a high performance GSA (on the right) with a compact size (external dimensions: W148 mm × D105 mm × H30 mm) has been developed.

GSA can process and save the input signals and send them outside whenever necessary via GS-net (a field network).


Example of gadget application development

Purpose gadget application
Labor-saving and unmanned operation simplified monitoring, water quality measuring system
Sophisticated operation support application system for water quality measurement, assessment of control performance
Prediction-based maintenance equipment alarm correlation, measurement of component vibration, ceramic filter diagnosis
Maintenance and management general GHG meter, RAS data automatic transmission

The following figure shows an example of our gadget application in a water quality monitoring system. Our water quality measurement system "High sensitivity turbidimeter" integrates data related to water quality calculations useful for water quality management, and data on the timing of replacement of consumables necessary for maintenance. These data can be remotely accessed by connecting the high-sensitivity turbidimeter and the Gadget System.

Rainfall measuring system

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