Water treatment solutions in water supply sector



SOARERA (coined word made from SOAR and ERA) offers drastically improved optimum solutions to promise stability and sustainability of the water environment business.


  • A layout with a higher degree of freedom is possible by having divisional viewing of multiple screens based on a screen alignment feature. Further, floating and docking of screens through a drag & drop feature of a Windows tab function as well as screen expansion and reduction through a pan and zoom function are available.


Web monitoring

  • Secured monitoring and control can be achieved from multiple remote sites through a Web system using cryptographic communication. Besides, with regards to the monitoring control function, operability and visibility on the Web, the level of functions equivalent to those of ordinary clients are offered.

Web monitoring

Security functions

  • Anti-virus software based on a white list format and firewall will block unexpected attacks. The ability to limit the range of accesses in monitoring and control for each user makes it possible to control access by unregistered persons.

Security functions

WBC monitoring*

  • A flexible work style is offered based on a close tie-up between SOARERA and WBC.
  • *WBC is a total solution based on a cloud environment offered by METAWATER Co., Ltd. It is a combination of ICT and engineering

WBC monitoring

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