Water treatment solutions in water supply sector

Ozone generation system


The ozone layer located 20 to 50 km above the ground surface protects the world from intense UV rays. An eco-friendly approach using the oxidation power of ozone, a substance widely seen in nature, has been used for many years to support our daily life in the field of water and air treatments.

The ozone generation system developed by METAWATER Co., Ltd. realizes high-efficiency ozone generation based on advanced technology. This technology has been adopted in many water and waste water facilities to date.

  • Inside ozone generation system

    Ozone generation system
  • Ozone generation system

    Inside ozone generation system


Effect achieved by oxidation power of ozone

Effect of ozone treatment (Example of the Bleaching)

Effect of ozone treatment (Example of the Bleaching)


Oxidation and decomposition of odor components and dissolved components into odorless and soluble substances.
Coloring components such as pigments and humic substance are decomposed and bleached.
Also effective for decomposition of harmful substances and various types of cleansing.
Virus, bacteria and fungi are disinfected and made inert.

Application examples of ozone in the area of water and wastewater treatments

·Supply water
Supply of good tap water (decomposition of odor substances and decomposition of trihalomethane precursor).
Reuse as landscaping water and hydrophilic water (deodorizing, discoloring and disinfection of treated wastewater).

Application examples in other fields

Disinfection and cleansing for foods and beverages, semiconductor and LC manufacturing, sterilization of medical devices etc.)

Technologies and performances

High-efficiency ozone generation tube

Ozone generation tube of the ozone generation system

Ozone generation tube of the ozone generation system


To perform ozone generation by silent discharge efficiently, the dimensional accuracy of a discharge section on an electrode and efficient cooling of the ozone generation tube are important. The ozone generation tube developed by METAWATER Co., Ltd. has realized an excellent dimensional accuracy and offers high cooling efficiency. Thanks to this structure, high-efficiency ozone generation is possible.

Glass lining type both side cooling ozone generation tube

High-reliability system

A high-reliability ozone generation system is supplied based on the combination of an ozone generation tube with low breakage risks and inverter power technology highly acclaimed in domestic and international markets

Measure against higher harmonic waves

A power source preventing higher harmonic waves is achieved by the optional adoption of a PWM converter that can make a power factor of approx. 1.

System portfolio

METAWATER Co., Ltd. proposes the optimum ozone system for each customer depending on individual application conditions such as purpose of treatment, water capacity and water quality.

Air material approach

Air material approach


In this method, oxygen in the air is used to generate ozone. Therefore, the material for the ozone can be obtained only by eliminating the unnecessary moisture in the air. This air material approach has been widely used as a basic ozone generation method.

Oxygen material approach

Oxygen material approach


By using oxygen gas, it is possible to generate ozone more efficiently (high-concentration ozone) than with the air material approach, thus making it possible to obtain ozone with a greater oxidation power (high reaction efficiency). Besides, smaller equipment can be used because the gas capacity necessary for ozone generation is lower.

We have a wide range of products for both approaches, from small-capacity to high-capacity types.

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