Water treatment solutions in water supply sector

Ceramic membrane filtration system


Ceramic membrane filtration system Ceramic membrane filtration system

The ceramic membrane filtration system is a water treatment system to generate clean and clear tap water by eliminating impurities (bacteria and protozoa such as Cryptosporidium) and turbidity in raw water from river systems and well water. To respond to the recent needs for safe and tasty tap water, we offer a low-cost water treatment system with a long service life.

Ceramic membrane for future water supply system

The dominant approach for water treatment has changed from the conventional slow filtration method and rapid filtration method to a novel approach based on the membrane filtration method. METAWATER has been involved in national initiatives such as MAC21, Sophisticated Treatment MAC21, ACT21 and e-Water to achieve high-performance and low-cost filtration based on ceramic membranes since 1989.


High strength and high reliability

Membrane reliability is one of the most important factors to ensure the safety of tap water. The ceramic membrane helps increase tap water safety thanks to its high strength ("unbroken membrane").

High operation safety

Even under raw water conditions that fluctuate day to day, the ceramic membrane can provide stable water treatment continuously. The filtration performance is not compromised even in high turbidity situations such as during rainfall.

Eco-friendly ceramic membrane with long service life

Ceramic membranes have a service life as long as 15 years or more. Because the membrane can be reused as a ceramic material after use, it is an eco-friendly membrane that does not generate waste. It is an energy-saving water treatment system with low power consumption.

Membrane filtration equipment flow

Membrane filtration equipment flow

Water treatment plant

Wadajima Water Treatment Plant (Shizuoka, Waterworks Bureau)

Water treatment capacity: 10,000m3/day

  • Entire image of water treatment plant

    Entire image of water treatment plant
  • Ceramic membrane filtration system

    Ceramic membrane filtration system
  • Membrane filtration chamber

    Membrane filtration chamber
  • Right: Current water distribution tower (called "Aisengura")

    Right: Current water distribution tower (called "Aisengura")
  • Level 1

    Level 1
  • Level 2

    Level 2

Hinogawa District Waterworks Management Office (Fukui)

Water treatment capacity 51,900m3/day

  • Appearance

  • Entire landscape

    Entire landscape
  • Ceramic filtration system

    Ceramic filtration system
  • Manganese catalytic tower

    Manganese catalytic tower

Kawai Water Treatment Plant (Yokohama) Redevelopment Project

Japan's first "PFI for the entire water treatment facility"

Installation and management project for Omuta and Arao Joint Water Treatment Plant facilities

Joint water treatment plant DBO approach implemented by two adjacent municipal authorities across the prefectural border

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