Water treatment solutions in water supply sector

Siphon type filtration thickening equipment


Thanks to its siphon mechanism, this system has various advantages. METAWATER offers a filtration thickening system that takes advantage of the siphon effect in the filtration process. It is an energy-saving thickening system that can be operated with almost no power consumption. The sludge generated in supply water and sewage treatments can be thickened to a high concentration. By installing this equipment before a dehydrator or digestion equipment, treatment efficiency can be drastically improved.

filtration thickening equipment


  • Low energy consumption (between 1/20th and 1/30th vs. centrifugal thickener)
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Unmanned operation is possible due to full-automatic system
  • Filter clogging is unlikely to occur because of low-pressure filtration method using siphon
  • Thickening of low-density sludge is possible.
  • Less SS in filtrate
  • Because it is an open type of system, maintenance of the filtration panel is easy.

Thickening process of siphon-type filtration thickening system

  • 1. Supplies sludge and forms a siphon.
  • 2. Thickens sludge with siphon filtration.
  • 3. Discharges sludge that is not thickened (non-concentrated sludge).
  • 4. Separates concentrated sludge from filter cloth and discharges it.

Application and effect

Application Scope Effect
Supply water field Further thickening of sludge obtained by gravity concentration
  • Improved processing capacity of pressure dehydrator
  • Reduction of power consumption spent on freezing and melting dehydration method
  • Reduction of period necessary for solar drying
Sewage field Thickening of surplus active sludge
  • Stabilization of gravity settling condensation
Further thickening of gravity concentration tank sludge
  • Downsizing of digestion tank and reduction of energy for heating



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