Water treatment solutions in water supply sector

Energy system

Micro tubular turbine


It is a small capacity hydraulic power generation system to recover low hydraulic energy more efficiently from a wider range.

The hydraulic (topological) energy so far discarded in supply water and sewage facilities, maintenance discharge, agricultural irrigation channels and so forth is effectively converted into electric power. It is an eco-friendly and clean power generation system that takes advantage of topological energy potentially present in these facilities.


  • Integrates motor-driven variable runner vane mechanism.
  • Addresses a wider range of flow rates and heads based on serial arrangement and parallel arrangement.
  • Realizes high efficiency and high reliability at the same time.
  • Realizes affordable price based on simplified structure.
  • Can be used for facilities in the scope of RPS.
  • Power generation is possible from a head as low as 2 m.
  • Appearance

  • Structure


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