Water treatment solutions in water supply sector

Electric equipment


Various machines and equipment related to the water environment and the electric equipment necessary for customers who perform routine management work of the foregoing machines and equipment.

The electric equipment in this context includes a wide range and diverse knowledge and experience are requested to design and construct those electric systems. METAWATER Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the total engineering of electric equipment systems for many years. It has sophisticated engineering capabilities to ensure safe, stable and reliable plant engineering supported by its knowledge and experience.

METAWATER Co., Ltd. provides optimum engineering by using the following systems and components.

  • Power receiving and transforming equipment to realize safe and stable supply of electric power
  • Non-utility power generation and power source systems that can be used reliably in a contingency
  • Various operation control systems to smoothly operate plants by making efficient use of electric power
  • Motors to be used as power source of machine components
  • Environmentally friendly products

Through offering solutions supported by a wealth of experience and reliable technologies, METAWATER Co., Ltd. assists its customers who want to use limited water resources with optimum efficiency.


  • Power receiving and transforming equipment
  • Emergency power source systems
  • Operation control systems
  • Environmentally friendly products

Power receiving and transforming equipment

Our customers (power consumers) need highly reliable and safe power-receiving equipment in their plant. In addition, they need highly reliable and safe transformer and distributor systems suited to the various voltages they use.

We offer highly reliable, safe and value-added power receiving and transforming systems such as our top runner transformer supported by proven technology that contributes to energy saving, and our eco-friendly non-SF6 gas C-GIS solutions.

  • Special-high, High- and Low-voltage board

    High- and Low-voltage board
  • Transformer

  • C-GIS



  • Special-high,High- and Low-voltage board
  • Transformer
  • Environmentally friendly products

Emergency power source systems

To ensure stable facility operation, it is imperative to be prepared for contingencies and to supply power stably in emergency situations.

Giving consideration to various conditions at each customer's site such as capacity, engine and actuation method, METAWATER Co., Ltd. selects the optimum emergency power source and offers related engineering services. We help improve disaster-prevention measures by securing a power source for lifelines for supporting social infrastructures.

We offer power systems that stably and securely supply current to the control systems and information processing systems where instantaneous power interruption is not allowed (uninterruptible power supply system/DC power system).

  • Package type generator system

    Package type generator system
  • High capacity uninterruptible power supply system

    High capacity uninterruptible power supply system


  • Generator
  • Generator board
  • Automatic actuator board
  • Automatic synchronization board
  • Package type generator system
  • Uninterruptible power supply system

Operation control systems

Water environment plants involve various levels of operation load from high capacity to low capacity. To operate and control such a system, control centers and diverse types of control boards are necessary.

Based on our proven control know-how, we offer solutions that can maximize plant functions.

  • On-site operation board

    On-site operation board
  • High voltage inverter board

    High voltage
    inverter board
  • Motor

  • Motor

    Control center


  • Power board
  • Control center
  • Inverter board
  • Sequencer board
  • On-site operation board
  • Auxiliary relays board
  • High voltage motor

Environmentally friendly products

We help reduce environmental impact (CO2 reduction) through offering environmentally friendly (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), space-saving and energy-saving systems and disclosing environment information.

Our products are managed throughout their entire life cycle from the manufacturing phase to disposal phase. Reduction of impact on the global environment is realized throughout their entire product life.

Item Environmentally friendly considerations
3R Reduce Non-vinyl chloride material is used for wires etc.
Chromium plating is not used on handles.
Reuse Lead-free soldering is used for components such as Ry, MCCB, etc.
Piles and side boards can be reused thanks to their rivet fastener structure.
Recycle Eco-friendly EM wire is used.
Labeling plate for sorted disposal of plastic parts
Rivet fastener structure is used for casings for easier disassembling

Eco-friendly thin distribution board

Eco-friendly thin distribution board

The conventional distribution board design has been reviewed from the standpoint of conformance to environmental requirements. Our distribution boards incorporate various environmental benefits such as 3R technology (restriction of emission, reuse, recycling) and integration of standardized LCA concept based on ISO14000.

Further, by introducing the latest components and technologies, a drastic reduction of thickness has been realized, which resulted in saving space in an electric chamber and reducing the construction period for renewal work.

  • Adoption of 3R technology
  • Energy-saving specifications
  • Size and weight reduction
  • Acquisition of environmental labels
  • Implementation of LCA assessment
LCA assessment
  • Branch board
  • Power receiving board
  • Transformer board

Environment-compatible switch gear

Environment-compatible switch gear

We offer 24KV environment-compatible gas insulation switch gear that realizes space saving (55% vs. conventional volume) without using SF6 gas. While maintaining the performance at the conventional level, increased maintainability and reduction of environmental impact are achieved.

METAWATER Co., Ltd. will continue to supply eco-friendly power receiving and transforming equipment also in future.

  • Preservation of global environment
    We never use SF6 gas which has a global warming effect that is 23,900 times higher than CO2.
  • Space saving
    Space saving (55% vs. conventional volume) is realized based on the design using dry air insulation and solid insulation combination technology.
  • High maintainability
    T-shape cable terminals are used. Because a withstand voltage test can be performed without gas treatment, maintenance and inspection are easier to carry out.

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