Waste water treatment solutions in sewage sector

UV disinfection equipment


UV disinfection equipment

More sophisticated wastewater treatment
This system is a piece of ultra-violet disinfection equipment that gives consideration to safety and environmental preservation.

Clean disinfection system

No harmful byproduct is generated because no chemical is used. The system has no negative impact on the natural environment of water systems to which discharged water is directed.

Effective for all types of bacteria

Besides disinfection of e-coli, it has a bactericidal effect also for viruses known to be resistant to chloride-based disinfectants.

Easy maintenance and management

Thanks to its simplified structure with a submerged UV lamp module, maintenance and management are easy.

Smaller installation space

Because the disinfection process is completed in only 7 to 10 seconds, the system can be installed in a reduced area.


UV lamp with long service life (low-voltage mercury lamp)

This UV lamp developed for wastewater can maintain high illuminance for many hours. This lamp allows stable treatment with a high output efficiency within the temperature range of the treated wastewater.

Electronic stabilizer with output control function

By adopting a high-performance electronic stabilizer, the output can be adjusted between five levels.

Automatic cleaning unit is a standard specification

Because it performs automatic cleaning of a lamp jacket, there is no need to clean the lamp manually.

Comprehensive product portfolio

The portfolio includes standard series of units with a performance ranging from 500 m3/day to 15,000 m3/day depending on the installation conditions.

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