Sludge treatment solutions in sewage sector

Phosphorus recovery system


Experiment equipment

Experiment equipment

While phosphor is a raw material of fertilizers and fodder, it has been becoming more and more depleted around the world in recent years. A phosphorus recovery system is used to recover the depleted phosphor from wastewater sludge incinerated ash.


1. Two types of recycled products are obtained from the incinerated ash.

Treated ash: It can be used as a construction material as it is compliant with the environment standard for soils and the standard for soil contents.

Recovered phosphate: It can be used as phosphate fertilizer or an alternative to phosphorous ore.

2. It reduces running costs through circulation of a reaction solution.

By circulating the reaction solution used to extract phosphor, chemical expense can be minimized.

3. Heat requirement can be addressed by using surplus heat from the incinerator.

Because the reaction temperature is 50 to 70℃, it is possible to ensure the necessary heat by using the incinerator's surplus heat.

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