Sludge treatment solutions in sewage sector:Rotary press filter

Multi-layer fluidized incinerator


In the conventional fluidized incinerator, air is supplied only from the sand layer in the bottom. On the other hand, in the multi-layer fluidized incinerator, air is supplied also from the middle and upper section of the furnace, forming an optimum incineration field. This sludge incinerator is compatible with the global environment since it reduces N2O generation while reducing fuel consumption.

*N2O (dinitrogen oxide) …This gas has a greenhouse effect which is as much as 310 times that of CO2. Because a high volume of N2O is generated while incinerating the wastewater sludge, there are needs for a countermeasure to reduce the amount.


Formation of ideal incineration field

An ideal incineration status is achieved by "zone incineration technology" where multiple incineration zones are created by supplying air also from middle and upper sections of the furnace as well as by "multi-layer incineration control technology" where air and fuel supplies are controlled to an appropriate level. Thus, the N2O level and fuel consumption are reduced drastically in comparison with the conventional high-temperature incineration.

Realization of stable operation

Based on multi-layer incineration technology, operation states (furnace temperature, air level, fuel consumption) are constantly monitored and stable operation is achieved by simultaneously controlling multiple parameters.

Applicable to existing fluidized incinerators

Besides new installation, existing fluidized incinerators can be modified to multi-layer fluidized incinerators.

Environmentally friendly incinerator

A multi-layer fluidized incinerator offers three operation modes to suit the client's needs. It reduces greenhouse gas and fuel consumption efficiently.


Nanbu Sludge Plant Incinerator Unit 3 (Bureau of Sewage, Tokyo)

The multi-layer fluidized incinerator is an incineration approach developed jointly by the Bureau of Sewage (Tokyo) and METAWATER Co., Ltd.
In the Bureau of Sewage (Tokyo), a multi-layer fluidized incinerator modified from the ordinary fluidized incinerator has been operating.

  • Nanbu Sludge Plant Incinerato

    Nanbu Sludge Plant Incinerator Unit 3
  • Nanbu Sludge Plant Incinerato

    A multi-layer fluidized incinerator has been obtained
    by modifying the conventional fluidized incinerator.

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