Waste water treatment solutions in sewage sector

Water reuse system


The water reuse system is a system to obtain regenerated water by using overflow from a final sedimentation tank as raw water. The system makes it possible to obtain good-quality treated water with compact equipment by combining ozone treatment and flocculation with the ceramic membrane.


1. Treated water of good quality

With a chromaticity of 3 degrees or lower and turbidity of 0.1 degrees or lower, it is possible to obtain high-quality treated water. These values sufficiently comply with the standard for reclaimed water for amenity stipulated in the "Standard Manual for Regenerated Water Quality of Treated Wastewater."

2. Space saving

Because the membrane filtration flux is extremely high, space for equipment installation can be reduced.

3. Easy maintenance and management

Maintenance and management are easy because the ceramic membrane is a highly durable membrane without the risk of breakage and it also allows full automatic operation through remote monitoring.

4. Environmentally friendly ceramic membrane with long service life

The service life of the ceramic membrane for wastewater is as long as approx. 10 years. After service, the membrane can be recycled as a ceramic raw material. Its materials are eco-friendly as it does not generate any disposable waste.

Water reuse system

  • Ozone generation system

    Ozone generation system
  • Ceramic membrane element

    Ceramic membrane element

Adoption case

Shibaura Water Reclamation Center (Bureau of Sewage, Tokyo)

To develop a technologically and economically feasible water regeneration system, METAWATER conducted a joint study with the Bureau of Sewage of Tokyo.
As a result, METAWATER received an order from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for "The Wave 4 Work for machine equipment for water regeneration in Shibaura Water Reclamation Center." Since April 2010, the commercial plant has been operating at a treatment capacity of 7,000 m3/day.

Project outline

  • Treatment capacity: 7,000m3/day (1.8 MGD)
  • Ozone equipment: 2.5 kg O3/hr x 2 lines
  • Membrane filtration equipment: 9 elements×6 modules×2 units


Flush water for toilets in buildings and landscaping water, etc.

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