Waste water treatment solutions in sewage sector

Instrumentation equipment


To perform plant operations safely and stably, it is important to capture individual conditions precisely. In the case of water treatment, identifying water quality is essential besides the process measurement of flow rate and water level.

METAWATER Co., Ltd. offers its unique water quality measuring systems that can address all of these aspects. We offer the optimum solutions to realize stable plant control including the selection and application of plant equipment by making positive use of our know-how.

Instrumentation equipment


  • Pressure and differential pressure measurement system
  • Flow rate measuring system
  • Water quality measuring systems
  • Instrumentation panel


  • Measurement system
  • Oil film sensor
  • Safety monitoring of water quality
  • Flocculation sensor
  • High sensitivity turbidimeter series
  • Trihalomethane meter

Measurement system

These measurement systems are used for measuring process parameters in water treatment.

  • Pressure / Differential pressure

    Differential pressure
  • Level meter

    Level meter
  • Ultrasonic flowmeter

    Ultrasonic flowmeter
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter


Oil film sensor - Prompt detection of oil contamination -

Oil film sensor


  • Unique measurement method called "ellipsometry" with low risk of false detection is adopted. Floating type unique casing
  • High sensitivity equivalent to 0.05μm detectable film thickness (Heavy Oil A)
  • Maintenance frequency: Normally every 6 months (may vary depending on installation environment)
  • All types of specifications including those for cold regions are available to address local characteristics.

Water quality safety monitor - Detection of acute toxic material in raw water -

Water quality safety monitor


  • Toxic material sensor using bio-assay method based on microorganism (nitrobacteria)
  • Because microorganisms are used, high sensitivity and objective monitoring is possible.
  • Around-the-clock continuous monitoring (excluding calibration time: continuous operation is possible by adopting tandem option)
  • Maintenance frequency: Normally every 2 months (may vary depending on installation environment)
  • Sensitivity fluctuation depending on raw water quality is minimized.

Flocculation analyzer - Assessment of coagulant dosing rate -

Flocculation analyze


  • Uniquely developed flocculation assessment method "coagulation start time" is adopted.
  • Appropriateness of floc forming is digitally assessed and coagulant dosing rate is corrected.
  • Appropriate dosing of coagulant and reduction of surplus soil is achieved.
  • Measurement time is only 15 min.
  • Innovative floc sensor based on our unique technology is used.
  • Drastic labor saving of jar test is achieved by fully automating work including water sampling, measurement and calculation.

High sensitivity turbidimeter series - Management of filtration tank -

High sensitivity turbidimeter series


  • Particle count approach makes it possible to measure particle concentration simultaneously with turbidity measurement.
  • Particles up to Φ100 μm can be counted (hybrid particle counter)
  • Ideal for filtration tank management and detection of membrane breakage of membrane treatment equipment
  • Maintenance frequency: Normally monthly (may vary depending on installation environment)
  • Besides high-performance hybrid particle counter, standard high sensitivity turbidimeter is available

Trihalomethane meter - Continuous monitoring of total trihalomethane -

Trihalomethane meter


  • Continuous monitoring of trihalomethane level is possible without pre-processing by using membrane separation - fluorometry.
  • High correlation with GC-MS approach
  • Maintenance cost is reduced by approx. 50% (based on annual spare item cost, versus conventional items)
  • Maintenance frequency: Normally every 2 months (may vary depending on installation environment)
  • Measurement of up to three systems is possible by automatic switching (switch system is optional)

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