Sludge treatment solutions in sewage sector

Ceramic filter dust collector


The ceramic filter dust collector is a dust collector with high dust collection efficiency with its honeycomb filter developed by our unique ceramic technology.


Exhaust gas cooling operation is unnecessary

Because the ceramic filter is residual to high temperature, there is no need to cool down the exhaust gas in a cooling tower before it enters the dust collector.

Compact system

Because the honeycomb filter offers a larger filtration area, it is possible to reduce the entire size of the system.

High dust collection efficiency

Because of a wall thickness as thin as 1 mm, a high dust collection efficiency is realized. Collection of fine dust particles even as small as 0.1 μm is possible.

Possible to address various types of exhaust gas

Our system has demonstrated a proven performance in diverse applications including elimination of soot from diesel engines and dust particles from various types of exhaust gas.

Ceramic filter dust collector

Structure and characteristics of filter

Honeycomb structure where both ends of the cells are alternately sealed.

Filter honeycomb structure

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