Sludge treatment solutions in sewage sector

Wastewater sludge fuel system


Wastewater sludge is known to have excellent clustering and stable properties. By using carbide manufactured from the sludge in coal-based thermal power plants for mixed combustion, it is possible to help prevent global warming, while recycling wastewater sludge in a stable manner for the long term. This technology belongs to a wastewater sludge fuel system realized by joint R&D between Electric Power Development Co., TSK Co., J-Pec Co., Japan Sewage Works Agency and METAWATER.


By carbonizing wastewater sludge at a low temperature ranging from 250℃to 500℃, it can be recovered as a fuel substance with sufficient calorific value to be used as a coal substitute.
By giving consideration to the granular formation of dehydrated sludge or addition of steam in carbonization equipment, a number of advantages can be achieved including fuel safety (control of self-heating), improved handling convenience, control of odor specific to sludge and so forth.

By adopting a lower temperature in carbonization versus the conventional high-temperature carbonization, generation of N2O can be suppressed. Besides, the fuel obtained from wastewater sludge is a carbon-neutral product. Therefore, by using it in a power generation plant as an alternative to coal, it is possible to drastically decrease CO2 emissions derived from fossil fuels.

Wastewater sludge fuel system

Appearance of demonstration equipment

Appearance of demonstration equipment

Others Low-temperature carbonization technology

Besides regeneration as a fuel, some other technologies for regenerating resources have been developed including an alternative to phosphate fertilizer material. Through low-temperature carbonization of the water-soluble phosphate included in the wastewater sludge, efficient enrichment of phosphate can be achieved.

  • Carbonization unit

    Carbonization unit
  • Plantation test using Japanese mustard spinach

    Plantation test using Japanese mustard spinach

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