Sludge treatment solutions in sewage sector

Belt thickener


A belt-type thickening machine realizes a stable gravity concentration performance with its running "filter cloth" and plow.

Because it has a high thickening performance for all types of sludge generated from water treatment, it helps improve sludge treatment systems.


High thickening performance

The plow on the filter cloth agitates the sludge to continuously create a new filtration surface and promote elimination of free water.

Stable thickening treatment

The running speed of the filter cloth can be changed depending on the sludge property.

Filter cloth suitable for each application is used.

A prompt draining effect can be obtained by taking advantage of our know-how in gravity concentration accumulated through developing a conventional belt press dehydrator and by using an appropriate filter cloth.
Because the filter cloth is regenerated from plastic bottles, it helps promote recycling in our society.

Low cost

Reduction of running costs becomes possible thanks to a simplified structure, affordable component price and reduced chemical injection dose.

Energy saving

Because of the small amount of power used for the main unit, it helps save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

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