Waste water treatment solutions in sewage sector

Double vane type vertical axis mixer


It is a mixer for an anaerobic tank and anoxia tank with high maintainability by arranging a drive mechanism on the tank. By integrating an innovative double vane, comprehensive agitation of an aeration tank (depth under 12 m) can be achieved at a power as low as 1 W/m3 of the mixing power density.

  • This system was awarded a METI Minister Award. (The 36th Excellent Environment System Award Project sponsored by Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers)
  • Product compliant with construction technology review (Sewage technology) No. 0924


Energy saving

  • Mixing power density below 1 W/m3 (for both deep tank type and standard aeration tank)

High maintainability

  • Daily checking is easy because the drive system is installed on the tank.
  • Inspection of impellers can be achieved by taking them out from the tank without draining water.

Excellent mixing performance

  • Comprehensive agitation of an aeration tank (depth under 12 m) with an innovative double vane
  • Active sludge floc will not be spoiled due to low rotation speed (approx. 10-20 rpm)

Ideal for plant modification and renewal

  • The deep tank can be installed by conducting modification work without removing the existing baffle plate, beam, etc.
  • Reduction of scrap removal costs and reduction of construction period can be achieved.

Structure of mixer and aeration tank

Large-size impeller rotating with low speed generates intense downward flow and causes a dynamic movement within the entire aeration tank through large swirl flow from the bottom to surface of the tank.

By using stainless steel for components to accommodate solutions, resistance to corrosion and durability are enhanced. All components are highly reliable items made in Japan, allowing a delivery with the shortest lead time in the event of an emergency.

■Application example for deep aeration tank

Application example for deep aeration tank

Delivery case

A wastewater treatment plant in Osaka (delivered in FY2008)

Aeration tank capacity Approx. 800 m3 Deep aeration tank

* Aerobic tanks of four reservoirs were modified into anaerobic tanks (each with two reservoirs) in a single-year construction while reserving the existing reinforced concreted baffle plates and lateral beams.

A wastewater treatment plant in Osaka

A wastewater treatment plant in Osaka

CFD simulation

Optimum type can be selected for various tank geometries based on positive use of flow dynamic analysis. Flow speed

CFD simulation

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