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To Open and Start Operation of “Common Parts Center”
- Responding to Growing Need for Further Comprehensiveness and Wide-area Management in the Water and Sewage Business -

While the Japanese water and sewage industry is facing an urgent need to revamp and complete seismic retrofitting of its aging facilities and equipment, service operators such as local governments are searching for solutions to the problems of declining revenue and a shortage of engineers due to the diminishing population. Against this backdrop, public-private partnerships (PPPs) for comprehensive, wide-area water and sewage services stand out as a viable path to developing sustainable infrastructure and services.
As a corporation providing total solutions for water and environmental infrastructure that is equipped with both machine and electric engineering technologies, METAWATER takes part in various PPP projects aimed at providing comprehensive water and sewage services.

In order to respond to the further needs for comprehensive, wide-area water and sewage services, it is imperative that METAWATER not only enhances its ICT*1 infrastructure but also establishes the capability to provide training to local facility operators and to centralize the procurement and supply of repair parts. METAWATER also sees an urgent need to help local operators accumulate, share, and pass on their unique operational knowledge. As a step toward realizing this vision, in the wake of opening the “Training Center for Facilities and Equipment Operators” on November 1, 2017, METAWATER will open and start operation of the “Common Parts Center” (Executive General Manager, Common Parts Center: Hiroyuki Nakano, Location: METAWATER head office) on June 1.

Moving ahead, METAWATER will build a knowledge center that helps to accumulate, share, and pass on operational knowledge to pursue efficiency in PPP business as well as to build an infrastructure as a corporation assuming a social infrastructure.
*1: Information and Communication Technology regarding PC and Internet.

Outline of Common Parts Center

Purpose of opening - Realization of effective complementarity by commonalization of parts information
- Cost reduction by sharing of common parts
- Restoration support with rapid parts supply in emergency (support for action for BCP*2)
*2 BCP: Business Continuity Plan
Business activities - Centralized control of repair parts information
- Logistic operation (storing, distribution, etc.)
- Inventory control of common parts
Target site
Five water treatment plants for which operation and maintenance are entrusted to us and which adopt the Ceramic Membrane Filtration System.

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