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Strong Warning to METAWATER Subsidiary from Japan Water Works Association

METAWATER SERVICE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “METAWATER SERVICE”), a subsidiary of METAWATER Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “METAWATER”), has received a strong warning in regard to the qualification and registration of waterworks facility management engineersfrom Public Interest Incorporated Association Japan Water Works Association (hereinafter referred to as “Japan Water Works Association”). METAWATER hereby provides information including a summary of facts as follows.

METAWATER deeply apologizes for the inconvenience and concern caused. METAWATER Group treats this situation with great concern and will undertake group-wide initiatives to prevent its recurrence.

1. Summary of Facts

METAWATER SERVICE received inquiries from Japan Water Works Association regarding the on-site work experience of its employees who have obtained qualification as a waterworks facility management engineer, and conducted a survey of all those qualified (264 persons). The results revealed the fact that 116 persons qualified and registered between FY2004 and FY2018 stated in their application documents that their on-site work experience was greater than was actually the case. Such experience was necessary in order to make an application. The fact was reported to Japan Water Works Association. In response, METAWATER SERVICE received a strong warning in regard to the system for managing and verifying application documents from Japan Water Works Association.

The situation was caused by METAWATER SERVICE management in a particular area who, while encouraging employees to obtain qualification as an waterworks facility management engineer for the purpose of personnel development, made them state that their on-site work experience was greater than was actually the case when submitting application documents, and approved those documents, for the verification function within METAWATER SERVICE was not effective.

A similar survey was conducted at METAWATER and METAWATER TECH Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of METAWATER. No problems were found in the results.


2. Cause and Measures to Prevent Recurrence

METAWATER SERVICE judged that applications that stated on-site work experience was greater than was actually the case was due to a lack of understanding of applications by the management in a particular area, and an inadequate management and verification system. The related management will be severely punished and in-house education on applications for obtaining qualifications will be conducted thoroughly. Furthermore, METAWATER Group takes seriously the non-functioning of the METAWATER SERVICE verification system and will revise the management and verification system in regard to applications for obtaining qualifications, including on-site work experience.

3. Impacts on Business and Performance

Because appropriate employees with qualifications have been stationed at projects contracted by METAWATER SERVICE to date, this matter is assumed to have no effects on METAWATER Group’s business and performance.

waterworks facility management engineer (source: materials from Japan Water Works Association)
Waterworks facility management engineer is an independent qualification which is not prescribed by laws and regulations. The qualification became effective in FY2004 under the “Waterworks Facilities Management Engineer Qualification System Council,” which is composed of four organizations: Japan Water Works Association (Public Interest Incorporated Association), Japan Water Research Center (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation), Water Works Technology Promotion Foundation (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation), and Japan Small Scale Water Works Association. Qualifications are available in 3 levels: Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3.
The qualification targets individuals with experience of technical operations at private companies, waterworks operators (operators of water supply business, small-scale water supply business, drinking water supply businesses, and private waterworks operators), and other entities. Its objective is to contribute to the smooth technical operation of the water supply business by certifying and registering employees as waterworks facility management engineers after evaluating and judging their technical skills for operation and maintenance (O&M) in regard to waterworks facilities through aspects such as knowledge, experience, and examinations.


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