The President’s New Year Message for 2017
- Bringing Innovation to the Sustainability of Water and Environmental Infrastructures -

 I wish you a Happy New Year.

The METAWATER Group is stepping up efforts aimed at achieving sustainable development for itself and society through both its business operations and CSR activities. Looking back over the last year, you can see that we focused on strengthening our fundamental operations, including the plant engineering as well as operation and maintenance service businesses. On top of that, we worked on expanding the PPP business in addition to international business, our major growth areas. These efforts paid off and we made a huge leap forward, successfully turning a U.S.-based engineering company into our subsidiary and launching new public–private partnerships in Arao City in Kumamoto Prefecture and Kitakyushu City in Fukuoka Prefecture. We also worked on our ongoing CSR initiatives, including waterhead forest conservation, other environmental and social action programs, as well as helping people in disaster-struck areas.
The world is constantly changing. This year we will focus more keenly on the changes that are happening in the world, leverage the combined power of our entire team to generate new ideas, and join hands with local governments and companies as well as corporate partners to help build more sustainable water and environmental infrastructures. At the same time, we will work toward becoming a company that everyone can depend on and continue to make a positive difference in the world as we move ahead to 2018, our 10th anniversary.

Yasushi Nakamura
President and Representative Director

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