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Floc-monitoring System for Early Detection of Flocculation Failures Released

Metawater Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Tomoyasu Kida, hereinafter “Metawater”) is pleased to announce the launch of the Floc-monitoring System (hereinafter the “System”), a device which detects floc-forming abnormalities in the flocculation processes of waterworks and industrial water supply operations.
The System is a device that detects, at an early stage, floc*-forming abnormalities caused by a rapid change of turbidity in raw water, defects in chemical dosing equipment, chemical dosing errors, etc. by analyzing, with Metawater’s unique algorithm, particles of floc measured by a sensor placed in a floc forming tank. The System enables countermeasures to be taken for flocculation failures at an early stage and reduces adverse impacts on subsequent water-treatment processes.
*Floc: Mass aggregated by coagulant of particles of sand and soil floating in raw water

Development Background

Flocculation by water treatment and floc forming are critical processes, which significantly influence subsequent sedimentation and filtration processes. In recent years, the role of flocculation processes has become increasingly important in crisis management because of rapid changes in the quality of raw water caused by “guerrilla” heavy rainstorms and a decline of experienced engineers with operating skills.
As a result, Metawater developed a sensor for directly monitoring the floc-forming state and refined the System to detect flocculation failures at an early stage upon being placed in a floc-forming tank.

Characteristics of System

- Computing mean particle size with an Optical Absorbance Fluctuation Analysis, Metawater’s unique floc-measuring technology
- Capable for continuous online monitoring of average particles with central monitoring equipment
- Equipped with a floc-monitoring tool to enable central monitoring equipment, etc. to monitor flocculation failures and give an alarm
- Equipped with an automatic cleaning facility on part of an optical window to enable measurements in spite of high turbidity
- Capable of detecting floc-forming abnormalities at an early stage employing Metawater’s unique algorithm

Overview of System

Others: Solutions tailored for Metawater’s rapid filtration equipment

- Flocculation agitation control system
System which automatically determines coagulant dosing rate and flocculation speed in a floc-forming tank based on the quality of raw water and turbidity in sedimentation treatment water
- Two-stage flocculation control system
System which adequately controls coagulant dosing rate in a two-stage flocculation process where a small quantity of coagulant is provided in flocculation sedimentation treatment water prior to a filtration process

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