The President’s New Year Message for 2016
~Aspiring to be a Company that Contributes to Sustain Water and Wastewater Infrastructures~

 I wish you a Happy New Year. Last May, we formulated the Medium-term Business Plan, aimed at expanding the scale of the PPP business and overseas business, while strengthening the foundation of each business, as initiatives in growth fields.

Last year, in the PPP business, we had the privilege of taking new steps toward contributing the
sustainability of the water and wastewater infrastructures through our involvement in new projects. In particular, we entered into the business consignment agreement for the comprehensive consignment of the Arao City water business, which is implemented using the “private sector proposal system” under the revised PFI Law. We also took part in establishing the Kitakyushu Water Service—a company funded by both public and private sectors—which plays a role in operating the water and wastewater service in the City of Kitakyushu.

This year, I am hoping that we will further strengthen the plant engineering business and the operation and maintenance service business as our fundamental operations, as well as expand the PPP business as a growth field, so that METAWATER will develop into a company that can respond to various forms of public-private partnership, including high-profile PFI and concession projects, and continue to sustain water and wastewater infrastructures. To that end, our focus is on extending our business domain through the better use of alliances and partnerships.

Tomoyasu Kida
President and Representative Director

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