News Release

Announcement of New Board Members and Corporate Auditors

METAWATER Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President: Tomoyasu Kida) is pleased to announce that the board members and audit & supervisory board members has been elected at the Ordinary General Meeting of shareholders and the Board of Directors meenting held today Auditors as follows:

Title Name
Chairman and
Representative Director
Haruo Matsuki
President and
Representative Director
Tomoyasu Kida
Executive Managing Director Yoshinori Imoto
Executive Managing Director Ichiro Fukushima
Director Yasushi Nakamura
Director Masahiko Kato
Director Akira Nishio
Director Akira Kato
Director Susumu Sakabe (newly elected)
Director Junichi Matsumoto (newly elected)
Director Keiichiro Sue (newly elected)
Audit & Supervisary Board Member Takashi Ito
Audit & Supervisary Board Member Kimihiko Uemura
Audit & Supervisary Board Member Kazuo Takimoto (newly elected)
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