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Establishment of a strategic partnership by METAWATER, Suido Kiko, and Kokusai Kogyo aimed at providing a one stop solution in the drinking water and wastewater business

METAWATER Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President: Tomoyasu Kida; hereinafter referred as "METAWATER"), Suido Kiko Kaisha, Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President: Shinri Sato; hereinafter referred as "Suido Kiko"), and Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President: Satoshi Hijikata; hereinafter referred as "Kokusai Kogyo") formed a strategic and comprehensive partnership in the area of water and environment. Based on the mutual business alliance, the three companies aim to provide a high quality one stop solution in the drinking water and wastewater business.

Background and Objectives of Partnership by Three Companies

The surroundings of the drinking water and wastewater business in Japan are changing rapidly. The aging of the social infrastructure in Japan constructed during the high economic growth period is becoming a major issue. Japan is likely to soon face the need to renew infrastructure crucial to daily life, including highways and water utilities, on a massive scale. At the same time, the drinking water and wastewater business nationwide is facing various issues, including a reduction in the population and resulting decline in revenue from water charges, an increase in costs necessary for replacing obsolete facilities, and the need to strengthen facilities against, for example, earthquakes. In line with a reduction in the number of engineers, there is growing concern about how to pass on the skills and knowhow gained over the years.

In order to address these issues, the use of public-private partnerships - applying technologies, knowhow, human resources, and funds of private companies to the development, repair, operation, and management of public infrastructure - is expected to increase in the future. In order for drinking water and wastewater business operators to effectively operate businesses while maintaining the quality of services to citizens, the establishment of a framework for private companies to offer one stop, high quality, and comprehensive services is becoming increasingly important.

Through the comprehensive partnership METAWATER, Suido Kiko, and Kokusai Kogyo aim at providing a one stop solution in the drinking water and wastewater business in response to these changes in surroundings and to meet the needs of today's users. Through the leveraging of relationships with regional partners, neighboring business operators, and companies in the third sector, the three companies will jointly provide high quality and comprehensive service solutions to drinking water and wastewater business operators.

Providing a One Stop Solution through Partnership

METAWATER and Suido Kiko will provide a one stop solution covering all stages from planning, designing, installation, construction, and operation and maintenance (O&M) for drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Kokusai Kogyo will add the company's pipe-related business to the partnership, providing a one stop solution covering everything from planning, designing, construction, and O&M of pipes in addition to drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities, as well as meter reading for water rates, payment services, and accounting.

The partnership will also contribute to the streamlining O&M of facilities and reducing life cycle costs by accumulating and analyzing a wide range of information (big data) on daily inspections and crisis response related to water treatment facilities as well as knowhow of skilled engineers on METAWATER's Water Business Cloud (WBC). In addition, the integration of O&M solutions for water treatment facilities provided by the WBC with the O&M solutions for pipelines provided by Kokusai Kogyo's geographic information system (GIS) (Genavis series) will help increase the safety and service life of drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities and pipelines, streamline O&M, and develop an optimal O&M plan.

Strengths of Each Company

[Strengths of METAWATER]

METAWATER has been developing and supplying mechanical equipment such as ceramic membrane filtration systems, ozone generation systems, sludge incinerators, and high speed CSO filtration systems as well as electrical equipment including power receiving and transforming equipment, instrumentation equipment, and monitoring and controlling equipment mainly to drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities. METAWATER has strengths in engineering and service solutions related to these businesses.

With over 40 sales and service offices around the nation, METAWATER has been offering services tailored to regional needs.

METAWATER has also been quickly adapting to a rapidly changing environment including public-private partnerships while actively engaging in DBO (Design, Build, Operate) and PFI (Private Finance Initiative) projects by leveraging its group strengths. METAWATER has been trusted by over 20 business operators around the nation to provide O&M for more than 90 facilities.

With a focus on wastewater resources, METAWATER has been engaging in activities to create and conserve energy through participation in projects including the Dynamic Approach in Sewage High Technology Project (B-Dash project) by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

As part of its efforts to support continuation in the drinking water and wastewater business, METAWATER launched the WBC in 2011 and started offering Smart Field Service (SFS) in 2013 aimed at streamlining inspection and O&M of facilities as well as reducing life cycle costs. Going forward, METAWATER aims to develop an optimal O&M plan by analyzing a vast amount of data (big data) stored in the cloud while developing a platform to cover the entire water treatment business.

[Strengths of Suido Kiko]

Since its foundation over 70 years ago, Suido Kiko has been delivering a wide range of products and equipment mainly to flocculation and sedimentation treatment, sand filtration, membrane filtration, and chemical dosing facilities in water treatment plants including preliminary treatment equipment, rapid / slow mixers, sludge collectors, inclined plate clarifiers, rapid filtration equipment, organic membrane filtration equipment, and chemical dosing equipment. Suido Kiko has core strengths in providing total engineering solutions in the water treatment process from basic technologies to advanced treatment.

In addition, the Suido Kiko Group has been entrusted with a great deal of operation management business including third party and comprehensive commissioning, mainly from business operators with which the company has a history of equipment delivery. The company's strengths also lie in its extensive knowhow and services related to operations management of water environment plants.

Going forward, the company aims to provide enhanced engineering, operation, and O&M services while striving to meet customer expectations in broader areas by leveraging the collaboration to expand the coverage of services from pipeline network management to meter reading / payment operations.

[Strengths of Kokusai Kogyo in the water business]

As a leading company in geospatial information & technology, Kokusai Kogyo has been providing pipeline O&M tools using the Genavis Series - integrated GIS solutions designed to streamline government-related operations. Seseragi and Seserain, GIS for the drinking water and wastewater business, are infrastructure systems which allow for smooth water management by streamlining daily inspections, solving various issues, and enabling asset stock management in addition to the collection and storage of information on various facilities.

In daily O&M operations, the system is used not only for the management of facilities-related information but also for asset stock management, in addition to the streamlining of business operations by managing functional information (e.g. flow rate, water pressure, water quality, and in-pipe conditions), water leak information (e.g. water leak history, amount, and sound), inspection history (e.g. TV camera inspection data and repair status), and geographical information (e.g. altitude and three-dimensional data). In the area of water supply GIS, the company has been promoting the visualization of pipeline network conditions through the pipeline network hydraulic model analysis and by providing pipeline management services and offering solutions to the shortage of engineers.

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