The President's New Year Message for 2014

I'd like to cordially make my New Year greeting.

The business environment surrounding the environment & water industry has been undergoing drastic changes, and a business opportunity has come which will mean that we will grow out of just selling machines and electrical equipment as a vendor and become a water treatment company dealing with the water business. In order to ride this big wave, we have to develop conventional PFI, comprehensive entrustment, and concession-type PFI into the business for the next era, while improving the competitiveness of the Plant Engineering and Service Solution Departments, which are involved in our core business. In order to meet the needs of the next age, we have promoted partnerships as our strategy with companies which have strengths in various fields, including the business alliances with Suido Kiko Kaisha, LTD. and Kokusai Kogyo Co., LTD. 2014 will be the year when we sow the seeds of the next-generation business and nurture it nationwide under the strengthened organizational structure.

For us to be able to lay the groundwork for the leap of METAWATER in 2014, we will take on a challenge to transform the company into one that can satisfy the needs of the next era, with a strong will and with AI (Attack & Innovate with Love) as the norm of conduct.

Tomoyasu Kida
President and Representative Director

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