METAWATER's Mobile Ceramic Membrane Filtration Equipment recognized as reliable source of emergency drinking water

METAWATER has signed contracts with major Japanese trading companies to provide mobile water purification equipment using the ceramic membrane. Shipments of the equipment to African countries will begin in September.
Demonstration tests showed that the ceramic membrane offers various advantages over polymeric membranes, including its greater durability and filtration performance in purifying high-turbidity river water. The mobile ceramic membrane filtration equipment is also recognized as effective for providing clean and safe emergency drinking water.

Recent changes in climate patterns have caused repeated flooding and other natural disasters all over the world. The Government of Japan has consistently provided aid to developing nations particularly vulnerable to the effects of such disasters. In response to requests from various African nations, the Government of Japan has agreed to provide equipment that will ensure a supply of safe drinking water after floods and other natural disasters.

METAWATER's mobile ceramic membrane filtration equipment meets the challenges posed by such emergencies, maintaining reliable performance, even in disaster-stricken areas where municipal electricity and skilled personnel are unavailable.

METAWATER is currently seeking to expand sales of its mobile equipment to areas affected by natural disasters and to other areas lacking access to safe drinking water.

Product Features

  • Provides high-quality purified water, even from highly-turbid raw water.
  • The ceramic material that forms the key component of these products is highly resistant to membrane damage.
  • A vehicle-mounted generator allows use even in places without public electricity.
  • With 0.1 μm pores, the ceramic membrane removes Cryptosporidium spp. and other protozoa, as well as E. coli and other microbes.

Overview of Awarded Contract

  Republic of Malawi Republic of Togo Republic of Kenya
No. of units 3 units 3 units 2 units
Designed capacity 75 m3/day/unit 50 m3/day/unit 50 m3/day/unit
Maximum turbidity of raw water 520 NTU 520 NTU 520 NTU
Delivery date December 2012 January 2013 February 2013
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