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METAWATER receives first order for ceramic membrane modules in overseas markets

METAWATER and I Kruger, Inc. (Kruger) have signed a ceramic membrane module purchasing agreement, which is the first sales contract since METAWATER started business overseas.

The project is located in Parker, CO, USA and will commence in 2012. The plant will have a daily capacity of 10 MGD (= 37,850 m3/day), making it the third largest of all installed and contracted METAWATER projects.

METAWATER and Kruger have been collaborating in the US market since 2005. The ceramic membrane system was selected by Parker Water and Sanitation District (PWSD) in August 2008 for a water treatment system that provides an appropriate solution for the future water demand in the region. METAWATER and Kruger signed the first purchasing agreement for ceramic membrane modules in March 2009.

The region requires water management due to severe water shortages. As a solution, a state-of-art ceramic membrane filtration technology was selected, and coagulation and powdered activated carbon (PAC) was involved in the sophisticated water treatment process as a pretreatment. The durable ceramic membrane enables the membrane separation process to be combined with the advanced treatment processes. The process provides safe, high-quality water at reasonable cost. Further benefits of stable operations, longer membrane life, lower operational cost, and ease of use are also highly valued by clients.

METAWATER continues to develop ceramic membrane filtration technology and is expanding sales in overseas markets.

Installation location Parker Water and Sanitation District, Parker, CO, USA
Capacity 10 MGD (= 37,850 m3/day)
Number of membrane 560
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