Providing continuous support in the water and environmental infrastructure fields in cooperation with local governments, local companies, and partners

We will contribute to sustaining a recycling-based society by supporting water and environmental infrastructure.

Yasushi Nakamura President and Representative Director METAWATER Co., Ltd.

METAWATER was established in April 2008 as the first Japanese comprehensive engineering company engaged in the water and environmental business field. Since its foundation, METAWATER has expanded its business in the water, sewerage, and environmental fields both in Japan and abroad under the corporate philosophy of providing optimal water treatment solutions to create a cycle of water.

Water and sewerage serve as lifelines for people and industry. However, in Japan, facilities and equipment constructed during the period of high economic growth are gradually aging and many operators that plan and operate water and sewerage businesses are facing financial challenges and a shortage of engineers amid a declining population. In order to address these issues, there is urgent need to increase the comprehensiveness and broaden the geographic area of business operations through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP∗1), resulting in expanding areas for private companies.

METAWATER has engaged in its daily business and CSR∗2 activities with the aim of being a corporation providing total solutions contributing to sustaining a recycling-based society by maintaining water and environmental infrastructure for the future. METAWATER aims to do this in cooperation with water and sewerage operators including local governments, local companies, and partners.

We will resolve issues by combining machine and electric engineering technologies, maintenance knowhow, and ICT.

METAWATER is one of the few water and environmental infrastructure companies with machine and electric engineering technologies. Our great strengths lie in our maintenance know-how obtained through extensive experience and advanced information and communications technology (ICT∗3).

We design and construct environmentally-friendly plants by combining machine and electric engineering technologies with the addition of energy-saving and energy-creation technologies. In addition, our maintenance knowhow allows us to propose optimal business operations from the design and construction phases to maintenance.

As business operations become more comprehensive and extensive, the importance of ICT is expected to grow in order to share information on a real-time basis with local companies and partners. METAWATER’s Water Business Cloud (WBC) is a cloud-based service launched in 2011 in anticipation of these situations. We will help to realize more efficient and higher quality water and environmental infrastructure by streamlining daily inspections while analyzing and using accumulated data.

In order to better meet customer expectations and be a company trusted by society, we will fully practice our customer-first philosophy and continue focusing on responding to customer needs and issues by leveraging our unique combination of machine and electric engineering technologies, maintenance knowhow, and ICT.

We aim to be a company trusted by society through business and social contribution.

METAWATER was the first company engaged in water and environmental infrastructure, which are lifelines as are electricity and gas, to be listed in the “Electric Power & Gas” industrial classification in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2014. Water infrastructure does not only end with creating and supplying drinking water. We must treat wastewater and rainwater and put it back into nature and recycle it. In addition to making a social contribution through business activities to support water infrastructure, we are actively engaging in social contribution and environmental protection activities as a corporate citizen. We also give our utmost attention to quality, safety, and health including not only design and construction but also operation and maintenance. As part of these efforts, we have acquired ISO 55001 certification, an international standard for asset management of social infrastructure such as roads, railroads, and ports as a company in the water and environmental infrastructure fields.

In addition, we changed the number of Board members from ten to nine, five of whom are outside Directors, as per the resolution passed by the 44th ordinary general meeting of shareholders, in order to streamline and strengthen our management structure.

Through this change, we aim to achieve reliable and transparent business management while striving to promote compliance and strengthen internal control functions.
In addition, we will facilitate active communications with stakeholders, including citizens, local governments, shareholders, investors, vendors, local companies, and partners, through fair, equitable, timely, and appropriate information disclosure pursuant to our disclosure policy.

We will continue working to achieve sustainable business expansion while contributing to society with the goal of being a company trusted by our customers.

We will deliver values to stakeholders through our business structure consisting of four divisions by setting seven themes with sustainability at the center.

Yasushi Nakamura
President and Representative Director

∗1 PPP:Public Private Partnership
∗2 CSR:Corporate Social Responsibility
∗3 ICT:Information and Communication Technology

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