Corporate gavanannce

Basic concept of corporate governance

Our mission is "to offer the best solutions for water resources as an engineering company so that we can grow sustainably with society, and we continue to steadily work toward a society where everyone can live a secure life with water anytime and anywhere." To achieve this mission, we are committed to improving our internal control, aiming to be a signature group trusted by society through our continuous contribution to it while meeting the expectations of our stakeholders including customers, local communities, shareholders and investors.

  1. The Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors are arranged and independent directors are designated to reinforce the organization for supervising our business with the purpose of creating corporate management with excellent reliability and transparency.
  2. Promotion of compliance and reinforcement of internal control are realized to establish an organization that can sustainably enhance our corporate value.
  3. We disclose information in fair, objective and appropriate manner at an appropriate timing. Further, we communicate proactively with our stakeholders.

Compliance and risk management system


We consider that "staying faithful and trustworthy" as a company will result in our sound growth, being accepted by society.
We believe that employees are proud of being a part of such a company and it motivates them to stay working for the company.
Based on this awareness, the METAWATER Group has established the Corporate Charter of Conduct, the Employees' Code of Conduct and the compliance rules to secure thorough compliance with regulatory rules and internal rules.
The Compliance Sub-Committee arranged within the CSR Committee develops compliance program and delivers training programs and education for directors and employees so as to improve the organization and nurture a corporate culture that can prevent non-compliance through day-to-day commitment.
Further, a help-line system has been introduced to prevent violations of regulatory and internal rules at an early stage with the purpose of finding and solving issues at the earliest timing.

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Risk management

To realize systematic awareness and assessment of various risks that can affect the company's operation and to appropriately manage those risks, the METAWATER Group has established the "METAWATER Group Risk Management Rules." To maximize the corporate value of the Group, 55 risk factors are identified and a management system is improved and strengthened so that countermeasures against individual risk factors can be taken appropriately.
To be more specific, the Risk Management Sub-Group has been arranged in the Internal Control Committee to prevent actual occurrence of any risk or to decrease the loss associated with the risk as an organizational approach to meet stakeholders’ expectations. Besides, to further address individual risks, a series of rules such as the “Group Emergency Procedures,” “Information Security Policies,” “Personal Information Protection Rules” as well as the other standards and manuals to address issues related to the environment, safety and hygiene have been established. A system has been improved to ensure prompt and appropriate control in the event of various contingencies.

Disaster countermeasure and Business Continuation Program (BCP)

As a company that treats important water, indispensable for people's life, METAWATER is committed to its mission: "We continue to steadily work toward a society where everyone can live a secure life with water anytime and anywhere." To put this mission into practice, the Group is promoting the planning of a Business Continuation Program (BCP) to ensure the continuation of its business even in the event of a catastrophic earthquake. The lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 are reflected in this approach.
As the first step, this should be a program based on the assumption of a large-scale earthquake. So that the Group can promptly address such a situation, training programs for disaster preparedness are planned and implemented. Further, a management system for assuring business continuation (BCM) is being developed, because the program and action plan should be further improved so that "they can be actually practiced in the event of real emergencies." The Group aims to establish a BCM that can address all types of contingencies in the final stage.

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