CSR Purchasing and Green Purchasing

CSR Purchasing and Green Purchasing

Under a tie-up with supply partners, METAWATER will promote commitments to CSR as an entire supply chain and strive to improve mutual corporate value. To be specific, the basic requirement is compliance with the following CSR purchasing criteria:

CSR Purchasing Policy

  1. Respect of basic human rights
    • Based on a respect of basic human rights, forced labor and/or unhuman treatment should be prohibited.
    • In the treatment and employment of employees, unfair discrimination should be prohibited. Equal opportunities and fair treatment for employees should be realized.
  2. Fair trading and compliance to laws and regulations
    • Inappropriate supply or acceptance of profit should be banned.
    • Compliance to laws and regulations applicable to business activities including the Company Law, Antitrust Law, Subcontract Law, the Labor Standards Law, the Employment Security Act and the Worker Dispatching Act.
  3. Environment preservation
    • Giving priority to raw materials and components with less environment impact. Adoption of manufacturing and processing methods with less environment impact.
    • Management of chemicals included in the products and appropriate management of the chemicals used during the manufacturing process. Appropriate treatment of industrial wastes.
  4. Quality improvement
    • Satisfies our requirement standard and strives for quality improvement. Strives to assure product safety.
  5. Information security
    • Prevents leakage of confidential information and private information obtained through transactions.
  6. Social contribution
    • Proactively commits to a contribution to international and local societies.

Green Purchasing

METAWATER considers corporate social responsibility to be important. Further, the company has established its commitment to preserve the global environment as an important item of agenda for management and strives to realize a sustainable society based on recycling. As part of this initiative, we apply Green Purchasing to all of our purchases.

Green Purchasing Policy

  1. Green Purchasing activities are promoted by setting all the goods and services for purchasing as targets including raw materials, parts, products, services and office supplies.
  2. In purchasing, we give priority to companies that respect environmental preservation besides considering aspects such as quality, price, delivery and services.
  3. The following products are defined as "green products" and prioritized in purchasing:
    • (1) Product with significant contribution to environmental preservation such as resource-saving and energy-saving products
    • (2) Product with low environment impact at disposal (lower versus conventional level)
    • (3) Product using regenerated material or recyclable material
    • (4) Product allowing easy recycling or waste separation at disposal
    • (5) Product with longer service life versus conventional products
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