CSR Concept of METAWATER Group

Mission and CSR of METAWATER Group

"There are precious lives that can be saved with water. There are ways of living that can be reformed by water. There are challenges in our society that can be overcome with water. Water is a limited resource irreplaceable for the Earth."
"We continue to steadily work toward a society where everyone can live a safe life with water anytime and anywhere."
Aiming to fulfill these missions, the METAWATER Group is committed to developing society and a sustainable global environment.
The METAWATER Group is responsible for the fulfillment of this goal and it is the raison d'être of METAWATER Group. We promote our CSR activities based on this concept.

CSR Concept of METAWATER Group

The METAWATER Group considers that pursuit of its corporate mission is linked directly with CSR. It is the responsibility of the METAWATER Group to stay fair and faithful as a good corporate citizen and to contribute to society and the global environment through its business based on a vibrant corporate climate.

Contribution to society and th Earth through water

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