Approaches to the environment

Offering of products and services compliant with environmental standards

Environment policy and goals

Since its foundation in 2008, the Group has developed differentiated products as an integration of machine and electric components in its water supply and sewage business. In this sector, increasingly severe competition is predicted as a result of insufficient funds from tax revenue due to the economic crisis. We are determined to supply engineering services centered on our unique technologies and components that cannot be offered by competitors. To achieve this, we will launch environmentally friendly products on the market and promote developments that serve as countermeasure also in future to decrease environment impact. The following are the environment policy and goals.

Environment policy and goals

<Environment policy> By promoting corporate activities with the emphasis on preservation of the global environment, we are committed to realizing a sustainable society based on recycling.
<Goals> ·Expansion of environmentally friendly products and services
·Minimization of environmental impact in corporate activities
·Positive involvement in social contribution and corporate citizen activities
·Prevention of enviromental accidents and pollation


<Action agenda>
  1. "METAWATER business activity" = "Improvement of global environment"
    [Product] Expansion of energy-saving products / Environment improvement products, promotion of Green Purchasing
    [Process] Environmentally friendly design / fabrication / installation / services
  2. Contribution to environment is benchmarked through ISO14001 activity.
<Priority measures>
  1. Development and launch of environmentally friendly products
    ·Achievement of development goals and expansion of order placement for environmentally friendly products
  2. Promotion of 3Rs (Reduction, Reuse, Recycling)
    ・Activation of business activities that lead to resource saving and energy saving
    ·Appropriate treatment of industrial wastes
  3. Improvement of environment education
    ·Making people informed of environment regulations and improvement of awareness for environment

Reduction of CO2 emissions in business activities

Based on the enforcement of the modified Energy Saving Act in April 2010, we started our energy-saving initiative to reduce energy consumption of the entire company. With regard to electric power consumption, we set a target of a "1% reduction versus the level in previous year." Besides, we continue our approaches to reduce unnecessary power consumption by, for instance, turning off lights during the lunch break, which was started as a countermeasure for power shortages after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Further, in 2013, the headquarters moved to an intelligent building and we could reduce CO2 emissions by, for instance, using LEDs for office lighting.

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