Social contribution

Social contribution activities

As a part of CSR, METAWATER is proactively engaged in social contribution activities as a corporate citizen to realize a sustainable society.

  1. We take part in CSR that makes the most of the company's characteristics.
    METAWATER will seek sustainable involvement in CSR centered on approaches related to "preservation and improvement of the waterfront environment" which is linked with its core business, the water environment project.
  2. We nurture employees' willingness to engage in voluntary work.
    We positively support social contribution activities of individual employees. We believe that a greater social contribution can be achieved if more and more employees have an awareness that they are corporate citizens.

Main areas of emphasis

Main areas of emphasis

1. Environmental preservation
Support activities to preserve the environment in general including a forestation program.

2. Contribution to local communities
Participation in cleaning activities in local towns and rivers, participation in community activities such as events based on a respect for local communities.

3. Education and enlightenment activities
Social contribution through technologies and knowledge related to the water environment, a core business area of the Group.

4. International support and exchange
International support activities depending on the needs of local people as a part of nurturing a local community where diverse people live symbiotically.

5. Support for areas hit by disaster
Support activities for people hit by disasters and emergency response.

Introduction of our achievements

  • Environmental preservation
  • Contribution  to local communities
  • Education and enlightenment activities
  • International support and exchange
  • Support to areas hit by disaster
  • Other activities

Environmental preservation

Forestation by METAWATER

Forestation in Okutama
As a part of introductory training for rookies, a forestation volunteer activity is carried out in the Okutama area. In total, 200 trees have been planted in four years.

Forestation in Takao
We take part in "Forestation Program in Takao sponsored by Japan Alpine Club." Forest preservation activities are implemented in Ura-Takao (Tokyo) on a voluntary basis. The Forestation Festival takes place once a year.

  • We are engaged in year-round forest preservation activities.
  • We participate in the Forestation Festival in April every year.

Water Sprinkling Operation

In conjunction with "Water Sprinkling Operation" advocated by MLIT, we carry out "METAWATER Water Sprinkling Operation" on August 1 every year in front of the headquarters.
We realize the importance of recycled water when we sprinkle our regenerated water in front of the headquarters.

  • After sprinkling the water, the ambient temperature drops by 1 to 2℃.

Contribution to local communities

Cleaning activities in towns and rivers

We are engaged in mowing and cleaning activities every month in the area around Mansei Bridge in Kanda, Chiyoda-ku (Tokyo) in the vicinity of the headquarters and also in Naha City where our Okinawa Office is located.

We are engaged in cleaning activities in many local communities:

  • "Fujimae Tideland Cleaning Project" (Nagoya)

  • "Waterfront Clean-up Operation" (Handa)

  • "Trash Cleaning Walk" (Hiroshima)

  • "Cleaning Operation in Tamagawa and Asakawa" (Hino)

  • "Tamagawa Riverbed Cleaning" (Ota-ku)

Education and enlightenment activities

Establishment of METAWATER Award for Japan Society of Water Environment

To support researchers and develop excellent people, the METAWATER Award is awarded to distinguished papers published in the Journal of Society of Water Environment.

Class teaching in local schools

We teach students in local elementary schools about sewage. Children enjoy listening to a lecture on where the wastewater from households is directed and how it is treated. Besides, as an activity to help educate young people who will be engaged in science and technology in future, we take part in the "Omoshiro Science Festival" sponsored by the Miyakonojo National Institute of Technology.

Workplace Open Day for children

We have a Workplace Open Day for children so that they can watch their parents working in their workplace.
We hope that family members have a deeper understanding of the work carried out by the employees. Further, it can be an opportunity to create a corporate culture that supports a good work-life balance and working parents engaged in child-rearing.

International support and exchange

We are engaged in Eco-Cap activity.

* The Eco-Cap activity is a movement to deliver vaccines to children worldwide by collecting caps of plastic bottles.

Since start of this activity in 2009, we have collected 600,454 caps as of September 2014 (reduction of CO2: 1,276 kg, enough vaccine for 751 people).

Co-sponsorship to Angkor Wat International Marathon

This event is a charity marathon for supporting antipersonnel land mine victims in Cambodia. This event is held every year to emphasize the need to "abolish unhuman antipersonnel land mines" to the people of the world. In April 2013, METAWATER opened its liaison office in Cambodia. The Group supports this initiative and supports the event as a sponsor.

Support to areas hit by disaster

  • Donations and offering of support supplies to areas hit by disaster
  • Signing of a cooperation agreement concerning emergency response activities at disaster (Nagano Prefecture)

Other activities

Group blood donations are conducted periodically in each office in cooperation with the Japanese Red Cross Society.

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